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How to deal with a co-worker you don't like

How to deal with co-worker you don’t like has long been a worry for all the people from different cultures and countries. Tannet collects some ideas from several Forum readers from China Daily. Their ideas and experiences may contribution to your business success. For details, please refer to the following report from China Daily. 

Editor’s Note: Sometimes we have to work with people we don’t like, and no matter how much we dislike them, it’s important to get along at the workplace. So, how do we work with people we don’t like? Our Forum readers share their ideas and experiences.

honkam (UK)
In any working environment there is always friction arising between colleagues, you just have to respect yourself and your coworkers to get along in the workplace.

If the situation becomes unbearable; you'll just have to weigh up the options whether it is worth your while to continue in that environment.

Because money is not everything in life, I would rather be in a lower paid job and be happy than be overly stressed, life is to too short to be putting up with idiots.

johnotvi (Australia)
If I have to work with someone I do not like, I try to find the good points in them and concentrate on the job.It works most times.

xilaren (China)
If I do not like a person then there is something wrong with me. It is my own problem. I try to find the positive things of that person and make myself change feelings towards them.

Sometimes it takes time but I manage sooner or later so I can feel happy with my work. If we change our behavior toward people they will behave better toward us. So let's make ourselves better. This is the only solution to survive in this life.

WhiteBear (Poland)
My way is to focus on work and work-related relations only.
No trying hard to be friends, or even "pengyou".
A friendly "good morning" would never kill me, even toward disliked persons.
I never block others to create a friendly relationship.
When in work, we don't have to like each other, but it helps.

aaooq (China)
I don’t force myself to do something that I don't like to do; it is my way in dealing with such a situation.

warrigal (Australia)
I have found that a person who annoys me does the same to many others. They disappear quickly.
At work I always remain polite, that does not mean I like them. I always say “good morning”, a habit from primary school.

debbie520 (China)
I always get along with my friends, my family, my colleagues, sometimes maybe fell sad and angry with them, but I never keep these bad times in my memory, it is not worth it. Real friends need to be more lenient with each other.

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