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Residence permits-Foreigners among domestic investment enterprises

Residence permits for foreigners-Foreign employees employed by domestic investment enterprises in China and their dependents (spouse、minor children) should hold "Z" (vocational) visa when entry, and process resident application procedures to Exit & Entry Administration, Public Security Bureau in China within 30 days after entry, generally, the valid period of residence permit will not exceed one year, and not exceed the expiry of the passport, too. 

Residence permits for foreigners-Must provide the following documents and evidential materials when process residence permit's application: 
1. One's valid passport and visa; 
2. Originals and copies of duplicate of "Business License" issued by administrative department for industry & commerce; 
3. Originals and copies of "Employment Certificate" issued by Bureau of Labour & Social Security in China; 
4. Original "Health Certification" submitted by China Exit & Entry Inspection & Quarantine Bureau;
5. Two recent, two in., half-length, bareheaded, full-faced photo (both black-and-white photo、photochrome is ok). 
6. Adding the official seal of the unit when fill out "Application Form for Visa、Residence Permit", and stick a recent, two in., bareheaded, full-faced photo.

Working not exceed one year in China, can apply for temporary residence permit, and the "Health Certificate" is waived.

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