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Choosing  WFOE  Company  Name

When there are infinite possibilities for your new brand, the one thing you do not want to do is choose a unique company name that goes unnoticed among a sea of similar names. A lot is riding on your name: your company’s uniqueness among competitors is very much linked to the name you choose, and showing creativity with your brand will help your customers build a long-term relationship with your business. A good brand name will last a lifetime, and grow with your company even if your business evolves or changes course.

Choosing the business name The official company name of a WFOE in China should be in Chinese. The Chinese name should be formatted as: first word -company name/product(For instance: MCK; second word: activity (For instance: business consulting); third word: location/name of city (For instance: Shanghai, Beijing); fourth word - company structure. (For instance: Co., Ltd.) With that a company called MCK register in Beijing engage Business Consulting Service LLC will be called: MCK business consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The name then has to be registered with the local Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce (SAIC). The use of the word 'China' or 'International' in their Chinese name, have to have a minimum capital of US$10,000,000 instead of US$ 100,000. These words will have to be avoided therefore , although they are permitted in the non-Chinese name. Prior to any of the following applications, the investor(s) should reserve a name for its prospective WFOE with the local SAIC. This is called "Name Pre-registration" in China. SAIC requires that a proposed name and FIVE-EIGHT alternative names be provided. The State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC) has the final say in whether a name is allowed or not.

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