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Office Address of Shenzhen WFOE

WFOE Registered Office Hotline:86-755-82143512,

A registered office address is of paramount significant for business. The Government agencies send all the official correspondence documents to the registered address of a company. Tannet can provide the service of providing a legal address for Shenzhen WFOE registration. 

To set up a WFOE in China, the foreign investor must rent a plant(manufacturing WFOE) or an office in advance(ridiculous? ), the office of WFOE can't be in a residence building nor residence and commerce (R&C) combined building. Virtual address is not allowed to be registered a WFOE there although it's widely existing for local companies. Anyway, a normal office building in China will be OK for register a WFOE.

Make sure that investor put a note in the lease contract that the office will be OK for registering a WFOE and landlord should refund all deposit and rental in case it failed to register the WFOE which caused by documents of address. Landlord must provide documents of address like: 1. Lease contract ; 2. Identification of landlord for instance: individual Company; 3. Landlord's etc. Make sure Item 2 is accordant with Item 3.

In China, one office room could only register one business. An already taken office can't been registered again. There is no public resources to find out if an address been registered or not although local SAIC has the internal database to access it. How to solve it and reduce the risks? To have the landlord check with local SAIC and put terms in a lease contract.

Registered address and operation location can't be different, although it's widely existing in China that a company registered in one address operate in another.

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