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Do you want to become a Multinational Enterprise in Shanghai and enter one of the most dominant economies around the world?Do you want your foreign enterprise to run smoothly in Shanghai?Are you unsure about Shanghai's sometimes complicated laws regarding tax?Are you unsure about how to maximist the potential profit of your enterprise through Shanghai's loop holes? If the answer is YES to any of these questions, TANNET can provide you with solutions and be your financial and tax expert in Shanghai.

Shanghai Financial Center-Accounting Service
1.Accounting, financial reporting and consolidation;
2.The preparation of management and statutory accounts;
3.Arranging audits;
4.VAT advice, registration and related services;
5.Financial modeling and forecasting;
6.Preparation of business plans;
7.Preparation and filling of tax returns;
8.Tax computation and submission;
9.Debt analysis and recovery services.

Shanghai Financial Center-Bookkeeping Service
1. Purchase of accountant book and evidence for keeping accountant
2. Establishment of accounting accountant, and system of accounting
3. Compilation of accounting entry
4. Bookkeeping and settlements of accountants
5. Compilation of accounting statement, etc.

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