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Shanghai Website design is of polytechnic work in project management field. It consists of proposal with analysis, graphic design, program and data base development, user testing and internet marketing, etc. It’s very easy to finish a simple, rough website. But it’s difficult to well build and operate a website, which requires the abilities based on following professional knowledge and technique.

Shanghai Website Design – Instructions on Shanghai Website Design
Brainstorm what web pages the website will contain. It is often helpful to make a diagram of how the site will be organized. Make sure to include the navigation structure. This refers to how the pages of the website will be connected. Use paper to make a rough sketch of each page. Be sure to take into account what titles, text and graphics will be included.

Shanghai Website Design – Workflow of Shanghai Website Design
Make a web design plan and quotation document based on client’s requirements.
Graphical designer starts to design, one homepage and one sub page first.
Get some feedback form the client for the draft design.
Graphical designer moves forward to work on more sub page designs once the draft designs are confirmed by the client.

The HTML designer starts to make HTML web pages based on designs which all confirmed by the clients
The programmer will integrate program function in web pages.
The website will be under testing and then launched online.

Shanghai Website Design - Tips and Warnings for Shanghai Website Design
Simple designs are often the best designs. Too much flash can distract from the message of your site. Pay close attention to your navigation menu. Make sure all of the pages within your site are connected in a logical manner. Don't post pages that state they are "Under Construction." It is best to wait until you have completed your site or start with a smaller website than to have a site that is only half complete.

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