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Notes of Shenzhen trademark Registration--Part II

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Any foreigner or foreign enterprise desirous of applying for the registration of a trademark or handling any other trademark matters in China shall entrust any of the organizations designated by the State to be his or its agent. 

The following marks shall NOT be registered as trademarks:      

(1)names, devices, or model numbers that are generic to a class or group of goods,
(2) marks that merely indicate the quality, principal raw materials, function, use,    weight,quantity or other features of the goods in respect of which the marks are used,
(3)marks that lack distinctive characteristics,                 

Any mark referred to in the preceding paragraph, may be registered as a trademark where it has acquired distinctiveness through use and is readily distinguishable. 
The following factors shall be considered in determining whether or not a mark is a well-known trademark:      

  (1) the degree of public recognition of the mark in its trading areas, 
  (2) how long the mark has been in use, 
  (3) the duration and extent of advertising and publicity of the mark,and the geographical extent of the trading areas in which the mark is used, 
  (4) the protection of the mark as a well-known trademark, 
  (5) other reasons for the fame of the trademark. 

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