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Annual Filing is also called annual return,  it ’s a snapshot of certain company information at the made-up date.  It is a separate document from a company's annual accounts.

The purpose of annual filing in Shenzhen

when companies are not publicly traded, the primary purpose of the annual report is to create a record of accountability for tax and other compliance issues, and to serve the public with notice of who the responsible points of contact are in the company. Where companies are potentially for sale, or where shares are publicly traded, the purpose of the annual report is to provide investors and potential investors with a complete and full disclosure of all material facts and circumstances, so that potential buyers and sellers can make an informed decision.

How to file an annual report in Shenzhen

At a minimum, corporations must file an annual report with the secretary of state or office of corporate services. There is typically a small fee. Check with your state government for specific filing information and instructions. To file an annual report or 10K report with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Tannet’s Service

With more and more investors started their business in Shenzhen, many of them may have problems on their company annual filing or annual return. Tannet’s head quarter in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, as well as the branch offices have service of annual filing or annual return. After that, we keep offering business outsourcing services in various field, such as tax and finance, property right, visas, work permit, accounting etc.

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