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Import and Export License Application

Shenzhen Import and Export License Application Service
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All individuals or businesses that are importing/exporting goods for commercial reasons or importing / exporting goods over R2500 (either once off or throughout the year) need to be registered with customs for an import export license. This is also called an importer’s / exporter’s customs code or customs registration. Many companies will face the troubles of importing or exporting when want to transfer their products without import and export license in Shenzhen.

Who needs to apply for import or export license?

a. your company don't have import and export license
b. your Chinese supplier don't have import and export license
c. your Chinese office need to export or send large amounts of products out of China
d. you need to send sample out of China(since 2011, courier companies will ask for CR number)
e. your company have export license but don't have personnel to deal with exportation

Tannet’s Service

Many businessmen or businesswomen see the great business opportunities in Shenzhen, they started their business in Shenzhen and benefited a lot. But  sometimes they may have problems on their importing and exporting . Tannet’s head quarter in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, as well asthe branch offices have service of import and export license application . Besides, we keep offering business outsourcing services in various field, such as tax and finance, property right, visas, work permit, accounting etc.

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