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Application Process Concerning a Foreign Expert Certificate in China

Since June 1, 2008, the authorities have also been accepting online applications for Foreign Expert Work Permits and Foreign Expert Certificates – in addition to applications submitted in person.

Foreign Expert Certificate Application Process-Registration
1. Log on the State Foreign Expert Affairs Administration’s government website and click on ‘SAFEA foreign expert work permit management system’ in the column ‘Online Services.’
2. Click on ‘Host Institution Registration,’ and submit a username and password.
3. Fill in the information, submit, and wait for it to be approved.

Foreign Expert Certificate Application Process-Application
1. Log in, click on ‘Foreign Expert Work Permit Application and Foreign Expert Certificate Application.’
2. Select the service required - ‘new application’,‘extend’, ‘modify’, ‘annul’ and ‘post-register’ - and input information.
3. The applicant should submit all required materials in written form to the authorities after the online application is completed.

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