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What are the Three Categories for Foreign Experts in China

Three Categories for Foreign Experts in China
1.Cultural and educational experts: Professionals who are foreign nationals working as experts in areas including education, press, publication, culture, arts, medicine, and sports, while earning a salary that equals to experts’ packages according to China’s expert payment regulations.

2.Economic experts: Professionals and administrative personnel who are foreign nationals and will be involved in importing technology and equipment to China.

3.Technology and managerial experts: Technicians and program specialists, including foreign experts working for local governments, financial administrations, business enterprises, key construction projects, scientific research institutions, agricultural units, medical units, financial units and business units. These experts may also include retirees.

Technical and managerial foreign experts are approved by the central or local government, and their pay involves funding from the budget for the Overseas Expertise Introduction (OEI).

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