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Corporate employee handbook, sometimes also known as an employee manual or staff handbook, is a book given to employees by an employer. Usually, the employee handbook contains information about company policies and procedures.Employee handbooks serve as corporate dictionaries for employeesEmployers often use handbooks and manuals to inform employees of their employment policies and to enforce their at-will policies.A successful employee handbook helps cut down on misunderstandings. Your staff will be clear on what your corporate policies are, and they will have a place to go to have their basic questions answered. More importantly, it can keep you from facing an expensive lawsuit should someone charge that your policies are unfair ordiscriminatory.

Importance of Corporate Employee Handbooks
One of the most important aspects of any Employee Handbook Company Policy Manual is that the Employee Handbook Company Policy Manual is kept current. Laws change, and the Employee Handbook must be updated and kept current. Likewise, if a company chooses to publish its handbook in multiple languages, each version should be updated concurrently.

What to Include in Staff Manuels
Your employee handbook should clearly state your company's policies. Among the areas it should cover:
1.general working hours rules and regulations (dress code; how people interact with customers; safety regulations; etc.) vacation time is earned
4.paid holidays and personal days
5.sick leave
6.salary and performance reviews
7.overtime/comp time policy and medical benefits
9.pension plan and other fringe benefits
10.maternity policy
11.any other rules or regulations

Good Advices in Creating Employee Handbooks
1. Be clear and concise, and most importantly consistent
2. Explain your right to terminate an employee
3. It doesn't have to be fancy
4. Write it yourself, but have your attorney review it
5. Be sure to have your employees sign for it

Errors to Advoid in Creating Employee Handbooks
The following are examples of employee handbook mistakes that may give an employee sound footing to claim wrongful discharge based on a breach of an implied contract:
1. Language implying that if an employee makes it through the introductory work period (often called the probationary period) the employee is somehow less vulnerable to termination
2.The use of permanent employee anywhere in the handbook
3.The absence of a disclaimer about employment-at-will status, or a disclaimer that's so buried in the text that it isn't prominently displayed
4.A narrowly defined list of reasons for termination that implies that an employee can only be terminated for the reasons itemized on a list
5.A verbal promise from a supervisor that the employee will have a job as long as you want or similar assurances of continued employment
6.Language stating that termination can only be for cause
7.A definite list of disciplinary actions, usually described as progressive discipline that could be interpreted as requiring that all the steps, or certain of the steps, must be followed prior to termination, or that the discipline described must be applied in a certain order prior to termination.

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