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Asset management

Asset management, broadly defined, refers to any system that monitors and maintains things of value to an entity or group. It may apply to both tangible assetssuch as buildings and to intangible concepts such as intellectual property and goodwill. Asset management is a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively.

Tannet provides investment management services to institutions, financial intermediaries, sovereign wealth funds, and private clients around the world. Our goal is to provide clients with superior risk-adjusted performance, innovative solutions, and high quality client service through locally managed relationships.

Our investment platform has evolved in response to emerging investment trends and our clients' diverse needs. We offer a broad array of global, multi-regional, local and emerging market investment strategies encompassing the major traditional and alternative asset classes.

We build long-term relationships with investors globally to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. As an alternative investment manager, we pursue strategies in which the use of sophisticated algorithmic modeling and rigorous fundamental and quantitative analyses give us an advantage. This enables us to bring rationality to an irrational world.

A strong capability in managing risk and delivering technological innovation, along with a robust governance and compliance infrastructure, allows us to successfully operate in today’s highly regulated markets.

Tannet Asset Management is privately owned which means we can dedicate ourselves entirely to the interests of our clients. We have a philosophy of co-investing in all our funds.

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