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Shanghai Corporation Formation-How to Register WFOE

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WFOE has become one of the highest priorities for foreign investors; its advantage is reasonable requirement on investment capital, independent, liberalized and efficient operation, direct management and implement.

How to Register WFOE in Shanghai-Types of WFOE
1)Upon different operation method (business scope), WFOE mainly include following types:
2)Foreign Trading Company
3)Foreign Consulting service company
4)Foreign manufacture /factory
5)Foreign Catering company/food and Beverage Company
6)Science and Technology Company

How to Register WFOE in Shanghai- Procedure of WFOE Registration
1)Name Check and Registration
2)Approval Certificate
3)Business License
4)Company official stamp permission
5)Organization Code License
6)Tax Registration Certificate
7)Foreign Currency Registration Certificate
8)Statistics certificate
9)Financial Registration certificate
10)Import and Export record
11)Customs registration
12)Electron port
13)Registration for Cancellation of foreign exchange after verification
14)Registration for Inspection and Quarantine
15)Registration for Tax-exempt or rebate

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