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Tannet Chunaghui Law Firm, an exclusive law firm in Shenzhen, China, helps you take steps through the legal corridor very decisively. Our mission is to empathise with our clients as we take them through the legal journey. We offer diversified and extensive legal services and provide you with solutions that optimise your development strategies, protect your rights, and help you reach your objectives. We offer services in wide range of sectors that include business law, administrative law and litigation; meeting virtually every need of the client.

Grievances and conflicts are an inevitable part of the employment relationship. The objective of public policy is to manage conflict and promote sound labour relations by creating a system for the effective prevention and settlement of labour disputes.Labour administrations typically establish labour dispute procedures in national legislation. A key objective of effective systems is to ensure that wherever possible, the parties to the dispute resolve it through a consensus-based process such as conciliation and mediation, before reverting to arbitration and/or adjudication through a tribunal or labour court. 

Conciliation and mediation are procedures whereby a third party provides assistance to the parties in the course of negotiations, or when negotiations have reached an impasse, with a view to helping them to reach an agreement. While in many countries these terms are interchangeable, in some countries a distinction is made between them according to the degree of initiative taken by the third party.

Arbitration is a procedure whereby a third party (whether an individual arbitrator, a board of arbitrators or an arbitration court), not acting as a court of law, is empowered to take a decision which disposes of the dispute. Specialised labour adjudication is a procedure whereby ordinary courts on special labour courts settle finally any disputes over rights and obligations.

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