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Shenzhen Encourages Social Capital Investment in High-end Hospitals

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The government of Shenzhen will set aside five lots for the establishment of Class III hospitals. The lots will be sold to social capital through auctions.The Health and Family Planning Commission, Urban Planning and Land Resources Commission and district governments of Shenzhen have joined hands to speed up the implementation of land-use plans for the establishment of Class III hospitals by social capital since the beginning of this year. The time sequence for the launch of this work will be based on the principle of "making land lots available as conditions mature".

The first lot to "mature" is the site of the Minzhi subdistrict office in Longhua New District, a prime location in Shenzhen. The property rights of this lot are clear-cut. News of this land assignment for medical use has drawn widespread attention. So far 17 entities have expressed interest and submitted their applications under the land tender, auction and listing system.

The government is said to have offered a very preferential price for this lot. According to the preliminary plan announced by the Shenzhen Land and Real Estate Exchange Centre for this land assignment, the floor area price for this lot for 50 years is about Rmb750/sqm. With a planned gross floor area of 115,550 sqm, the total land price of the hospital will be about Rmb86.66 million, which is much cheaper than the price of land for other projects, suggesting that the government fully supports the running of hospitals by social capital. 

According to Invest Shenzhen, 30 internationally renowned investment institutions, including Germany's Siemens AG, South Korea's SK Group, the Harvard Medical School and Hong Kong's Kingya International Group, are negotiating with the Shenzhen government on hospital projects. On 22 September, 24 domestic and international investors and institutions signed an agreement with the Shenzhen government to invest a total of Rmb8 billion to build hospitals in the city.

The central government has announced a series of policies since 2009 to encourage and guide the investment of social capital in hospitals. These policies put forward specific requirements for the development of non-public medical institutions. In September this year, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and Ministry of Commerce jointly announced a pilot programme for the establishment of wholly foreign-owned hospitals in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong and Hainan. Foreign investors can either set up new hospitals or acquire existing ones through mergers and acquisitions.

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