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First, Settle Down Conditions
1, Registered capital more than 10 million RMB(Natural persons, enterprise legal person can settle
2, Business plan (our company can provide).
3, Company's business license / name pre-approval notice.
4, Legal person and shareholder’s identification.
5, Project situation, related information of the project.

Second, Preferential Policy
1, Bonded for foreign goods get into the bonded port area.

2, Goods out of the bonded port area and enter the domestic sales, shall clean the customs under the relevant provisions of goods

3, Domestic goods into the bonded port area deemed as export and implement tax rebate. The consumption of water, electricity,gas (steam) of enterprises in the bonded port shall be implemented according to the applicable export tax rebate rate of the export goods which regulated by policy.

4, Do not levy value-added tax and consumption tax for the goods trading between enterprises in the bonded port area.

5, The business income of Insurance companies which registered in Shenzhen provide international shipping service for the companies which registered in the bonded port area, exempt from Business Tax.

6, The enterprises registered in the bonded port area engaged in offshore service outsourcing business of which the obtain income are exempt from sales tax.

7, The modern logistics enterprises which registered in the bonded port area, meet with the conditions enjoy the policy of levy difference Business Tax according to the pilot logistics enterprises.

8, The enterprises which confirmed as technically advanced service enterprises in the bonded port area was levied 15% preferential tax rate of corporate income tax. The employee education and training provision is deducted according to not exceed than 8% of the enterprises total salary amount of enterprise actual income tax.

Third, the industry access catalogue
1, Banking financial institutions.

2, Non-banking financial institutions (including but not limited the non-banking financial institutions and overseas representative office of non-banking financial institutions approved and established by the relevant financial regulatory authorities).

3, Non-financial institutions (including but not limited to payment institutions).

4, Securities companies, securities investment fund management companies, futures companies, securities investment consulting agencies and their specialized subsidiaries, fund services agencies and Securities dealer direct investment company.

5, Insurance companies and insurance asset management and insurance professional agencies.

6, Financial services outsourcing and other financial intermediary service agencies.

7, Equity financing and transaction services agencies.

8, Venture capital funds, equity investment funds and their management companies.

9, Securities investment fund.

10, The factor trading market approved by the relevant departments.

11, Property transaction services.

12, Credit guarantee services.

13, Financing leases, financing guarantee service.

14, The approved offshore financial services.

15, Supply chain financial services.

16, Automotive financial services

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