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Register a Service Company in Qianhai

Qianhai Company Registration Service
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How to register a service company in Qianhai has attracted lots of attention from investors, with Qianhai’s favorable investment environment and preferential policies.
Advantage of Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Zone
1) Three fiscal taxation policies of the Overall Development Plan on Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation on Modern Service Industries in Qianhai Area include the income gained from international shipping insurance services provided by insurance company which registered in Shenzhen for the company registered in Qianhai shall be exempted from the Business Tax. The income gained from offshore services and outsourcing business provided by the company registered in Qianhai shall be exempted from the Business Tax. To the verified technologically advanced services enterprise, the corporate income tax is levied at a reduced rate of 15%.

2)Foreign-funded enterprises which registered in Qianhai may expand their business to any area of Guangdong Province. Where there are State regulations governing service scope of innovation business of company registered in Qianhai, such regulations shall be followed. And if no relative regulations and provisions, there are no restrictions.

3)Lawyers of foreign law firms (including in Hong Kong and Macao) who are practicing in Qianhai representative organization may join Shenzhen Lawyers Association as members.

4)Hong Kong scientific research institution which settled in Qianhai may directly participate in provincial scientific research project, and be authorized to use research funds to do research work.

5)Government will pursue a new resolution which is about to solve the problem of foreigner’s entry by issuing a green card or special visa.

Qianhai Company Registered Capital
There are some requirements of registered capital for the service industry in Qianhai. The minimum registered capital of consulting company is 5 million. The minimum registered capital of financial company is 10 million. The minimum registered capital of microcredit institution is 300 million. The minimum registered capital of foreign-funded company is 30 million US dollar. The minimum registered capital of private-equity investment fund management company is 5 million. Different business nature of company has different requirements of registered capital.
The Shareholder, Director, Supervisor, and Legal Representative
1. Shareholder: shall be a company, or a natural person.
2. Supervisor: If there is only one shareholder, an extra supervisor should be provided ; If there are two or more shareholders, one of them can double as the supervisor.
3. Legal representative: shall be a shareholder, a director, or neither.

Qianhai Company Business Scope
The business scope refers to the specific business that the shareholders expect to do locally. With the focus on modern services, Qianhai cooperation zone exerts to innovate and develop the professional services of finance, logistics, information, science and technology, etc.
Qianhai Company Government process
Qianhai Merchants →Industrial and Commercial Administration →Public Security Bureau →technical supervision bureau →Local Taxation Bureau →Open capital accounts →issuing capital verification report (some banks issue the bank confirmation instead of capital verification report)→Industrial and Commercial Administration.
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