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China Due Diligengce Service Hotline: 86-755-82143512, 

What is included in China due diligence ?

1.Operational due diligence to confirm identity and legitimacy of business partners.
2.Financial due diligence when considering joint ventures or mergers and acquisitions.
3.Governmental due diligence to ensure that your business plans and interaction with Chinese authorities will not lead to inter-governmental conflicts down the road.

ATAHK we supply the article for your due diligence the old fashioned way. potential Chinese counter-party for relevant documents showing its various registrations and financial condition.  In ATAHK our experience, legitimate Chinese companies do not balk at providing documents that reinforce  Then get someone who truly knows what he or she is doing to thoroughly review those documents.

ATAHK supply Financial Due Diligence related to China due diligence

Perform initial no-assess review
Evaluate the entire set of financial statements
Identify cost-saving opportunities
Assess a company's prospects
ATAHK supply Tax Due Diligence related to China due diligence
Tax Due Diligence
Identify and seize opportunities of tax efficiency
Evaluate and manage tax risk
Optimise tax structure of the deal

Rules for China due diligence information :

Approach the company as a potential customer

Take all company-provided introductions with a grain of salt.

Try to construct your own fraud scenario.

Forget about the paper. Focus on the operations.

Always speak with competitors.

ATAHK’s aims to achieve this by ensuring that its services are tailored to its clients' needs and that quality is a core attribute. ATAHK aims to be a leading global competitor and the pre-eminent supplier of companies and associated services to professionals by: -Providing clients with the highest quality products and services offering confidentiality, professionalism and integrity; Having the best qualified staff trained to the highest standards in the industry; - Providing its own Guarantee of Quality with every company sold

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