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Benefits of GS1 Hong Kong Barcode- Connecting you to the global market Ⅰ

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1. Hong Kong Prefix 489
Hong Kong brands and products have long been renowned for their high quality and safety. A barcode starting with the prefix 489 means that it is issued by GS1 Hong Kong, and that this product is operated by a Hong Kong-registered company. It will more easily facilitate companies to win the consumers’ heart, boost brand value and consumer confidence.

2. Connect to Leading Retailers
Leading retailers, both overseas and local, have long been using GS1 barcodes. Not only do barcodes help them speed up the checkout process, they also optimise inventory management. To connect with these renowned retailers, companies have to obtain barcodes for their products. Also, barcodes are required to sell the products on major e- commerce platforms.

3. Exploring E-commerce Opportunities
1) Enhance search result
GS1 Barcodes serve as an effective conduit between bricks and clicks by seamlessly connecting online and offline channels.  Encoding the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and product data of your products web pages enables search engines to find the right products with the right information more easily, so that consumers can get accurate search results.  Search engine giant Google, and an increasing number of e-commerce conglomerates such as Amazon, eBay and Tmall have already started to demand GTINs to enhance search results. 
2) Increase Online Exposure
GS1 Hong Kong’s BarcodePlus enables product information sharing among multiple e-commerce platforms to bring greater online exposure to your products.

4. Free Barcode Management on Barcode Plus
By using this worry-free management tool BarcodePlus, GS1 Hong Kong members can assign GTINs to their products, and keep them in online product catalogues, so as to effectively avoid duplication of barcodes.  Members also enjoy the privilege of free upload of their product barcodes and descriptions to BarcodePlus product information repository, which is accessible by their potential buyers and even consumers in Hong Kong, Mainland China and anywhere else in the world, via web or mobile apps. This enhances product exposure online.

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