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Benefits of GS1 Hong Kong Barcode- Connecting you to the global market Ⅱ

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5. Complying with Mainland Regulations
According to The Measures for the Administration of Commodity Barcodes (《商品條碼管理辦法》) implemented by the Chinese Government in 2005, companies whose products are manufactured and distributed in Mainland China but with non-GS1 China GCP(Global Company Prefix) need to file their GTIN records with GS1 China.  GS1 Hong Kong provides free services to help members comply with this regulation, so that they can use their barcodes in China as they do anywhere else in the world.
6. Validating Barcodes with Barcode Symbol Testing
A barcode's primary function is to carry the product data from the origin to the point of data capture. Verification of barcodes is therefore an essential quality control process to ensure that barcodes can be scanned at any point of data capture along the supply chain. GS1 Hong Kong members enjoy barcode symbol verification service with barcode testing service reports on the likely scanning performance of barcodes and how closely they conform to specifications.  A GS1 Hong Kong Barcode Verification Report that indicates the compliance level of your barcode will be issued upon the completion of testing.
7. Barcode Training
We provide a series of training on barcodes and other GS1 standards to enable members to more easily adopt barcodes in their products and applications. The training covers key points in the rules of GTIN assignment, how to fully utilise the GS1 Company Prefix, ranging from the application to the ordering and inventory management and other areas. Also covered is how to print high quality merchandise barcodes to avoid possible loss resulting from poor quality printing, and how to utilise barcodes as an effective channel to retrieve consumer data so as to strengthen consumer confidence.
8. Events
GS1 Hong Kong members enjoy the privileged priority to participate in our various industry events and workshops covering major industry trends such as omni-channel strategies and supply chain solutions. These events also provide business matching opportunities to facilitate members exploring various opportunities.
9. Dedicated Customer Service
Normally it only takes three working days to process a membership application. A dedicated customer service hotline has been established to cater for members’ enquiries regarding any issues about the usage of the barcode and membership benefits.
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