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How to Research China Company

How to research a company is becoming a more and more significant issue for investors in China.

If you are planning to start your own business in China with the help of a local company, it is quite necessary for you to research the company if it is legal and qualified.

1. what do you need to verify:

Is the company a legally established;

Is the company financially sound, capable of fulfilling your order, and in a dispute, able to financially compensate your loss;

Is the company capable of performing the contract.

2. The China company background research will include:

Visit the company

Confirm Chinese company registration and Chinese legal status with local Government

Due diligence on the company including references and company history

3. The company inspection will cover:

The production machinery and technical capacity of the factory, what is the monthly production capacity;

The human element: Factory management, technical expertise of the staff and number of workers to ensure production ability and achieve maximum quality;

An assessment of the assets of the company such as buildings, land, machinery etc;

The registered capital of the company.

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