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What is the China market Study?

To gather all quantitative and qualitative research means to service for comprehensive blueprint of the new regional and global market trends in particular sector in China, for core players, the influence of the socio-economic development in areas about sector also preferences and tastes of the potential clients, etc. China Market study entails to collect market information that revolves around a particular industry or a sector.

Tannet uses ways for China market Study service as follows:

Desk research

Focus groups

Mystery Shopping Experience & Store Check projects

Qualitative methods

Quantitative methods

Our aim is to provide a better understanding of China market, consumers and consumption patterns. The final purpose is to provide you the access to distribution networks in and to enable our customers to have a clear vision on how to sell in China. Our project managers provide valuable insights on the Chinese market, they identify key driver of growth and the recommendations given are as operational as possible. researches on different markets in China for investors.

Tannet China market study major service supplied:

Overview of the existing current market including a point on the regulation environment
Commercial trends within some geographical limits
Mapping of the shops / competitors
Description of competitors and adjacent players in the industry and the country
Screening of targets to buy / partner with
Examples of successful ventures and companies in this market
Value in numbers the market
Benchmark of competitors and similar companies or businesses
Conclusions to better asses strategy

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