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China Business Incubation Services

As we know that more and more persons will have desires to establish the business, so that great many persons to start new companies. Then they may need the assistance about how to incubate their business, and we can call the "machine" for the process like business incubators.

The business incubator services mainly include: business setup, management follow-up, operating lease, and business incubating services.

The business setup services include: marketing, policy research, project application, website construction, company registration, and trademark registration;

The management follow-up services include: annual return, accounting agency, bank documentation, intercity customs clearance, public relationship follow-up;

The operating lease services include: secretarial services, talents leasing, office rental, financial leasing;

The incubating services include: business startup investment, training & tutoring, model practice, project experience, case analysis, and special reports.

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