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Shanghai Trademark Registration

Trademark being as a powerful tool offers a unique platform to distinguish the different companies dealing in the same products and services. Trademark has played an outstanding role while depicting as a graphical representative to the various companies globally. Trademark is a business mark that used to define the nature and the product of a particular company in order to maintain its goodwill and reputation in the corporate market. Trademark may be of logo, phase, text, words or combination of these elements that can use to design a smart and well versed trademark that can communicate with its target audience.

The Right of Priority on Shanghai Trademark Registration
An applicant may enjoy the right of priority in accordance with any agreement entered into between the country in which he/she first files an application for trademark registration and China or any international protocol to which both countries are parties if he /she files another application for trademark registration in China within six months from the day on which he/she files the initial application for trademark registration in such country.

The owner of a trademark may enjoy the right of priority for a period of 6 months from the first day on which the merchandises on which the trademark is first put are exhibited at any international exhibition recognized by the Chinese Government.

Shanghai Trademark Registration-Preliminary Trademark Search
The Preliminary trademark search, while optional, to avoid legal complications in the future. The point of a trademark search is to ensure that the trademark is not already under application or registered by another entity in order to reduce the possibilities of the rejection or opposition raised.

Shanghai Trademark Registration-Required Documents
・ Copy of current Business Registration Certificate of the applicant, if the applicant is a corporation
・ Copy of Identification documents of the applicant, if the applicant is an individual person
・ Image of the trademark
・ Application Form

Shanghai Trademark Registration-Trademark Registration Flow
・ Trademark Search
・ Initial Application
・ Substantive Examination
・ Publication
・ Issuance of Certificate

Shanghai Trademark Registration-Required Time
About 15-18 months

Shanghai Trademark Registration-Period of Validity
10 years

Shanghai Trademark Registration-Renewal upon Expiration
Six months before the expiration of an application for renewal, renewal is valid for 10 years.

Shanghai Trademark Registration-Customs Protection on Intellectual Property Rights
China prohibits the import or export of any goods which infringes the intellectual property rights. A trademark owner is entitled to file a record with the General Administration of Customs of China in accordance with applicable provisions under Customs Law of People Republic of China. If the owner or the General Administration of Customs of China notices any alleged trademark infringement, the General Administration of Customs of China will detain the suspected infringing goods immediately and check against them with the owner for further legal protection.

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