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Chinese authorities to address the complaints include provisions to fight so-called trademark squatting, expand protection of China brand name registration and appeal procedures that were enacted by the nation’s legislature. China is  reforming its patent, copyright, trade secrets, and other IP-related laws and regulations for China brand name registration

China's IPR Enforcement System ---- China brand name registration

Addressing infringement of IP in China follows a two-track system. The first and most prevalent is the administrative track, whereby an IP rights holder files a complaint at the local administrative office. The second is the judicial track, whereby complaints are filed through the court system. (China has established specialized IP panels in its civil court system throughout the country.) Determining which IP agency has jurisdiction over an act of infringement can be confusing. Jurisdiction of IP protection is diffused throughout a number of government agencies and offices, with each typically responsible for the protection afforded by one statute or one specific area of IP-related law.

China is a party to international agreements to protect intellectual property (including the WIPO, Berne and Paris Conventions, among others), a company must register its patents and trademarks with the appropriate Chinese agencies and authorities for those rights to be enforceable in China.China continues to be a haven for counterfeiters and pirates. According to one copyright industry association, the piracy rate remains one of the highest in the world

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