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Shenzhen Company Registration Service  
Hotline: 86-755-82143512,

Shenzhen is the first Special Economic Zone bordering HK. Shenzhen Tannet was established here in 2000 for the inbound investors to have a Path to China and a Home in Shenzhen. As group’s headquarter, it offers comprehensive services as biz start-ups and follow-ups, expanding the potential global market.  

Basic Biz Services:
Tannet offers SZ biz setup & follow-up, trademark registration, tax filing &bank account opening, microfinance, large credit and other commercial and secretarial services. 

High-end Services:
Tannet offers business setup & management, M & A, reconstruction & reorganization, business research & planning, China investment advisory and commercial factoring services.

Special Offer
Tannet offers imp/exp quality control, supply & demand match-making, China policy analysis, personnel recruitment & training, feasibility study and investment forum services, etc

Contact Us
Tel: 86-755-82143422  755-82143181
Email:   QQ: 2355725089   
Add: Unit D, 23F, Taiyangdao Blog, 2020 Donfmen R.S, Luohu, Shenzhen, China


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Tannet is pleased to keep you posted anytime and anywhere. Therefore, we launched a series of mobile applications (Apps) for you. You can download our Apps via the following link or contact with us.
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