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Food Circulation License Application and Acceptance

Food Circulation License Application & Acceptance means the license which should be applied by the Food company if they want to engage in the food business in China mainland or do the import and export business in China. The food circulation license is applied only after the company is incorporated and one business office address is required for the process; 

To apply for a Food Circulation Permit, the applicant shall comply with the food safety standards and meet the following requirements: 

(1) having the places for handling the raw materials of food, processing, packaging and storing food, etc., appropriate for the varieties and quantities of the food under its business operations, keeping the environment of the said places clean, and ensuring that the said places are at a prescribed distance from the toxic or hazardous sites and other pollution sources;

(2) having the equipment or facilities appropriate for the varieties and quantities of the food under its business operations, and having the corresponding equipment or facilities for disinfection, changing clothes, toilet, lighting, illumination, ventilation, anti-corrosion, anti-dust, anti-fly, rat proof, moth proof, washing, disposal of waste water, and storage of garbage and waste;

(3) having professional food safety technicians and managerial personnel and rules and regulations for ensuring the food safety; and

(4) having reasonable equipment layout and technical flowchart to prevent the cross pollution between the food to be processed and ready-to-eat food and between raw materials and finished products and prevent the food from contact with toxic substances or unclean articles.

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