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China’s Import and Export Licensing

As China continues to grow and expand, this development is creating increased efficiencies and improved infrastructure benefiting the supply side, as well as higher wealth and disposable income levels for individuals across the country, representing a potential boon for those targeting the demand side. This is translating into exciting opportunities for international business both selling to, and sourcing from, the Chinese market.

In 2012, China’s foreign trade totaled US$3.87 trillion, among which exports reached US$2.05 trillion and imports amounted to US$1.82 trillion; surpassing the United States as the world’s largest trading nation. The China-U.S. trade surplus stood at US$219 billion, while China’s surplus with the EU stood at US$122 billion. 

Documents Required for the Import and Export Licensing 
1. Business Registration License; 
2. Company Stamp 
3. Bank Approval Permit; 
4. Customs Operator ID card; 
5. Original Identification Certificate from the legal representative; 

Time will be required for the Import and Export Licensing  
It will take around 10-15 workdays to get the Import and Export license once all the documents are well collected; 

Contact us For Import and Export License Application 

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