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Shenzhen IT Industry Joint Venture (JV) Overview

Shenzhen IT industry Joint Venture is a company set up and invested by Chinese and foreign investors. It effectively uses the advantages of local enterprises. There are two types of joint venture: Equity Joint Venture (EJV) and Co-operative Joint Venture.

Shenzhen IT Industry JV Advantages
• The use of Local Partner’s Existing Facilities and Workforce
• Avoid Bureaucratic Issues and Red Tape
• Already Existing Relationships in China
• Existing Distribution and Sales Channels
• Ability to Enter into Industrial Sectors that are Excluded from Wholly-Foreign Ownership

Procedures & Requirements

Decide the company business nature.
The foreign side should hold at least 25% of the shares in the Joint Venture and it can be a company or a individual person; The Chinese side should be a company rather a individual person

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