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About Tannet

Tannet Nanchang

Tannet Nanchang was established in the Software Park of NC National High-Tech Zone in 2010. The main business of Tannet(NC) covers information technology and biz process outsourcing, devoting to provide data relaying & process services for global clients, and promote the universal coverage of domestic markets.

Basic Biz Services
Tannet(NC) offers biz set-ups & follow-ups, tax filing & trademark registration, virtual office rental, web construction & optimization, contract drafting and marketing services.

High-end Biz Services
Tannet(NC) offers backup software development, online market research & analysis, IT capital operation, , cloud computing and other info-tech solution related services.

Special Services
Tannet(NC) specializes in info-tech outsourcing (ITO) services include file management, offshore software development, market expansion and talent training services.

Contact Us
TEL: 86-755-82143422  86-791-88188098 
Email:    QQ: 2355725089    
Add: 6/F, No. 559 Huoju Avenue, Nanchang, Jiangxi, China


Our Apps

Tannet is pleased to keep you posted anytime and anywhere. Therefore, we launched a series of mobile applications (Apps) for you. You can download our Apps via the following link or contact with us.
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