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About Tannet

Tannet Yiwu

Yiwu is renowned as a sea of small commodities and a paradise for shoppers by the United Nations. Tannet(YW) was established here in 2001. With a strong team of professionals, it provides China expats with domestic and international trading, document processing and some other biz process outsourcing services

Basic Biz Service 
Tannet(YW) offers biz start-ups and follow-ups, trade contract proessing& quality control, procurement & go errand, export tax rebate, bank document and work visa services.

High-end Biz Service
Tannet(YW) offers China expats services about personnel & financial management, tax & finance plan, investment plann, equity transfer and virtual office rental services.

Special Service
Tannet(YW) specializes in shares transfer, asset evaluation, overseas investment & financing advisory, brand design & biz web construction, work permit and trading services. 
Contact Us:
Tel:  86-755-82143422    86-579-85206707
Email:    QQ: 2355725089      
Add: Unit 1906, 19/F, Futian Bldg A, 1121 Chouzhou Rd, Yiwu, China


Our Apps

Tannet is pleased to keep you posted anytime and anywhere. Therefore, we launched a series of mobile applications (Apps) for you. You can download our Apps via the following link or contact with us.
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