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Tannet Xiamen

Xiamen is an economic port city with software parks and free trade zones, as well as the trading centre to Taiwan. Tannet Xiamen is situated here, providing local & Taiwanese business people with information technology and biz process outsourcing services, expanding the potential southeast Asia market.

Basic Biz Services
Tannet(XM) offers onshore & offshore biz start-ups and follow-ups; company transfer; book-keeping and auditing, trademark & patent registration and web design services, etc. 
High-end Biz Services  
Tannet(XM) offers China investment advisory, Xiamen/Taiwan market research & expansion, P-IPO & PR-IPO, work visa, CI/VI design, biz marketing & training related services. 

Special Services   
Tannet(XM) offers marketing analysis & budget, backup software R & D; technology transfer; corporate culture cooperation, supply and talent demand match-making services.

Contact Us
TEL: 86-755-82143422,  86-592-5332308
Email:   QQ: 2355725089
Add: 2606, Blog A , Xinjing Ctr, 21, Jiahe Rd, Siming District, XM, China


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Tannet is pleased to keep you posted anytime and anywhere. Therefore, we launched a series of mobile applications (Apps) for you. You can download our Apps via the following link or contact with us.
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