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Global Trademark Registration Illustration

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 Global Trademark Registration Illustration It refers to do a trademark registration for abroad. All well-know enterprises are focus on trademark registration and think about which one is the cheapest one, so a complete set of strategy and implementation plan for trademark registration is an important consideration for investors to expand overseas markets. "KFC", "Coca-Cola", "mercedes-benz", "McDonald's"and so on, all these world famous trademark have applied for trademark registration, and have obtained the trademark rights already in more than 150 countries. However, many enterprises in our countries do not realize the importance of trademark registration and which one is cheapest, it cause some famous brand  even some well-known trademarks have been registered in other countries in recent years, which caused a great loss to the enterprise and brought the serious obstacle for these enterprises to exploit the international market.

Global Trademark Registration Illustration

The trademark name: As for Global trademark, whatever their origin, all can include any available chart to mark, especially text, personal names, designs, letters, numbers, and shape of goods or their packaging appearance, As long as these marks can make a distinction for a commodity or a service use with other types of use. The name should be catchy, convenient for consumer to memorize, and also show corporate philosophy.

As follows are all available:

Text mark includes letters, numbers, or the combination of letters, numbers, and words.
Graphic mark contains or no contains text.
Colorful graphic mark.
The combination of the color or multiple colors.
A three-dimensional mark
Voice tag.

Global Trademark Registration Illustration

Query trademark name: Different countries have different ways, totally divided into two kinds, one is free preliminary retrieval, one is charge for formal query for report . Usually, we suggest retrieve a report to avoid approximation, time-consuming and inefficient.

Which shop is the cheapest one for Global Trademark Registration Illustration?

Trademark registration ways:

Registration in a single country: submit to each country an application and pay money, such as American trademark registration, England trademark registration, Korean trademark registration, Japanese trademark registration, Italian trademark registration and so on..
Madrid trademark registration: According to the Madrid agreement of international trademark registration (hereinafter referred to as the Madrid agreement) or the Madrid agreement concerning the international registration of marks related to the protocol, the trademark registration between the member states of Madrid as what we said International Registration Of Trademarks, if you submit a request and can obtain trademark registration in more than 90 countries.
Ec trademark registration: ec trademark also said the eu trademark, it is a trademark registration in internal market coordination bureau, aims at having exclusive rights to use this trademark to the special goods and services in the relevant commercial or industrial activity. Submit a application and pay money, the trademark registration can cover 28 eu member states.
African regional intellectual property organization (ARIPO): the African regional intellectual property organization include: Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania ( Tanganyika), Uganda, Zimbabwe.
African Intellectual property organization (OAPI): African Intellectual property organization (substitutes Intellectual Property Organization, OAPI for short) is a regional alliance which built by some countries whose mother language is French in former French to protect intellectual property rights. Knowledge production of African countries including Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, central Africa, Congo (cloth) the () of the republic of Congo, ivory coast, Gabon, guinea, guinea Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Chad, Togo, Senegal, equatorial guinea. Most countries in African knowledge production organization members have no independent system of trademark so we usually suggest they register by OAPI.

Global Trademark Registration Illustration

The cost of trademark registration

The cost of trademark registration of trademark agency in our country
The cost of trademark registration of trademark agency in abroad.
The cost of trademark office in the country

Global Trademark Registration Illustration

The time required to register trademark

For Madrid is 12 to 18 months
For EU is 6 to 9 months
For Single country application because of the different mechanism, the required time are not identical

Global Trademark Registration Illustration

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