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China FIE Setup

China FIE setup is also called China FIE registration, China FIE formation, China FIE incorporation and China FIE establishment.

Setting up a Foreign Investment Enterprise (FIE) is a common method of creating an operation in Asian countries, especially in China. In China, any one of a number of legal entities can be considered FIEs including equity joint ventures (EJV), cooperative joint ventures (CJV), wholly-owned foreign enterprises (WFOE) and foreign-invested companies limited by shares (FCLS). Any one of a number of legal structures under which a company can participate in the foreign economy.

China FIE setup-Registered Capital of China FIE
Generally no less than RMB500, 000 (which should be in line with the scale of operation)

China FIE setup-Categories of Establishment
1. Wholesaling or trading business
2. Retailing business
3. Both of the above

China FIE setup-Business Scope of China FIE
1. Foreign investment enterprises engaged in wholesaling or trading business
1.1 Commodity wholesaling or trading
1.2 Commission agency
1.3 Commodity Importation/Exportation
1.4 Other related supporting business
1.5 Franchising others to open stores
1.6 They can be engaged in one or more selling operations with the commodity lines to be noted in the contracts or the articles of association concerning the scope of business.
2. Foreign investment enterprises engaged in retailing business
2.1Commodity retailing
2.2 Self-supported commodity importation
2.3 Purchase of domestic products for exportation
2.4 Other related supporting business

China FIE setup-Required documents for China FIE Setup
1. Investor's qualification certificate of entity, or natural person's ID card
2. Directors, supervisors and mangers' appointment documents and ID cards
3. Legal representative's appointment document and ID card
4. Certificate on assessment of capital from banks
5. The certificate for right of use or the contract for lease of house of the proposed store to be opened
6. Import/export product catalogue
7. Lease contract or certificate of title
8. Documents or certificates for earlier setup examination and approval

China FIE setup-Required Time for China FIE Setup
About 90 workdays

China FIE setup-Taxes Involved in Operation of FIE
1. Value Added Tax
General Value Added Tax Payers pay VAT at 17%
Small-scale Value Added Tax Payers pay VAT at 3%
2. Corporate Income Tax
Income tax rate is 25%
Small scale and small profit companies are subject to corporate tax rate of 20%

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