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Offshore company setup is also called offshore corporate formation, Offshore business setup , Offshore company registration  , Offshore company incorporation, Offshore business establishment and Offshore business registration.

Offshore business is about using the possibilities offered by countries (commonly known as Jurisdictions), whose legislation allows for certain advantages (tax, confidentiality, company structure, etc.) to be used by non-residents.

This means that a country, or Jurisdiction, will allow registration of a company and offer them certain tax freedoms in exchange for an annual licence fee. It is normally a legal requirement that the registered company must not conduct any business or own any assets in the Jurisdiction of incorporation.

This in turn allows companies to be set up in that Jurisdiction, sometimes resident, sometimes not (depending on the legislation), to trade on an international basis taking advantage of the easier flow of money on the international markets. These Jurisdictions often allow another company to be appointed as the Director and Shareholder of a company. Most countries today still partake in the idea that the flow of money in or out of the country has to be restricted, regulated, or at least monitored, and of course, taxed.

Is setting up offshore company illegal?
No, setting up offshore is not illegal. However, withholding information about your offshore investments is illegal in some countries. An offshore jurisdiction should be perceived as just another foreign country, but with certain advantages. These can take the form of banking secrecy laws, advantages in forming companies for international trade through tax treaties, no interest tax, no inheritance taxes, no capital gains tax, no individual tax, and many others.

Depending on your personal needs or preferences, there will normally be one or more offshore jurisdictions offering the services you are looking for.

Is setting up an offshore company only for the rich?
This might have been so a long time ago. However, in this modern age with the high quality of services offered by CMS, offshore is now a relatively simple and affordable procedure for almost anyone. Once having moved all or part of your business offshore, the savings made by the low-tax or tax-free status opens up a whole new world of investment and business opportunities. If required, we will be happy to introduce you to an independent offshore investment advisor.

How do I set up an offshore company?
Start with a Business Plan and a budget, as maintaining an offshore company requires paying an annual registration fee. Do you want to set up a small trading company, or an international empire? Do you want to sell your product on the internet? Decide on your target market and the types of currencies you want to accept. You may first wish to set up a Virtual Office to test the market with your product. The flexibility in moving offshore will automatically open up new possibilities for you and your business.

For further information on the requirements, procedures, time frames and costs for the offshore company set up, you are welcome to contact Tannet anytime, anywhere by simply visiting Tannet’s website, or calling at 86-755-82143422, email at


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