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China website design is one of Tannet's China business services for China expats. The enterprises preparing for entering into China market and operating business in china need to design a Chinese web. Nowadays, the website plays an important role in the marketing activities of the enterprises. A professionally designed website that can help increase visibility, promote awareness and establish credibility for you. Being a business owner requires a hands-on approach. Especially for the foreigners, it’s necessary to ask professional website designers for help.



Website design
The term web design is normally used to describe the design process relating to the front-end (client side) design of a website including writing mark up, but this is a grey area as this is also covered by web development.

The features of a good website design
1. The most important feature that you have to have when it comes to web design is that your site has to be easy for people to read. In general that means black text on a light background that is not too small or too big. If your site is not easy to read people are not going to bother trying, they will just move onto another site.

2. The other critical feature of a well designed website is that it has to be easy to navigate. Nobody wants to spend time searching your site for what they are looking for and they won't. If people can't find what they are looking for quickly and easily they will just go to another site. Make sure that you have menu that is clear and easy to follow and that your site is structured in a way that makes sense. You also want to make sure that people know where on your site they are and that there is a quick and easy way to get back to the menu.

3. A well designed website should also load quickly, nobody is going to sit around and wait. A few years ago Flash intros were all the rage in web design because designers thought they looked cool. In reality all they did was irritate their visitors because they had to sit and wait for them to load. Nowadays it is generally accepted that the best approach is to keep your site simple so that it loads quickly and people don't have to wait for it.

The importance of website design
A website serves a lot of different purposes, it can provide information, it can make sales and it can promote your business. The world is governed by technology and people from all over the world have access to the Internet at any time, therefore it’s an effective way for business owners to advertise their products and services on the internet. The well designed website can increase visibility, promote awareness and establish credibility.

The website can be regarded as a business card of an enterprise. A well designed website will be helpful for the marketing of the enterprise. Once the business owners have decided to have a website the next thing is to make sure that it is well designed and that it provides the information that people are looking for. Tannet Website and Software Service Centre, has a strong team of over 100 highly talented software and hardware specialists, serving the world of a website construction and optimization, software research and development, technology trading and service trading business.

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