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Advertising its product in China is not an easy job. Though the Chinese market is huge with a growing population looking for new products, there are opportunities but therefore a lot of competitors. Advertising competition is fierce with all brands trying to get the best advertisement, the most original but also reaching the target customer and being kept in mind by them.

Secrets of successful ads
1. The single most important thing to understand,
2. Why you must understand the benefits your customers seek,
3. the most important element in your advertising,
4. Appealing to the reader’s self interest,
5. hints for body copy,
6. Emphasizing risk reversal,
7. Closing the sale,
8. Effective testing,
9. Using keyed responses.

The Key to a Successful Ad
The purpose of a headline is to grab your prospect's attention. Your headline should zero in on precisely whom you want to reach your target market. It should tell the reader immediately and clearly the essence of what you're trying to say in the rest of the ad.

In short, it should tell the right people precisely the benefit you're offering them. When you decide upon your headline or its opening equivalent you have spent at least 80 cents out of your advertising dollar. How so? Studies have shown that 80% of your outcome is affected positively or negatively by how and what you communicate in the beginning of your advertisement. In short, your headline determines four-fifths of your success or failure.

Appeal to Self-Interest
Every headline or opening statement should appeal to the reader's or listener's self-interest. It should promise him or her desirable, powerful, and appealing benefit. If possible, try to inject "news" or "educational" value into the headline also. The two most valuable words you can ever use in the headline are "free" and "new."

You cannot always use "free," but you can nearly always use "new" if you try hard enough. Other words that work wonders are: how to, now, announcing, introducing, it's here, just arrived, an important announcement, improvement, amazing, sensation, remarkable, revolutionary, star-ding, miracle or miraculous, magic, offer, quick, easy, simple, powerful, wanted, challenge, advise to, the truth about, compare, bargain, hurry, and last chance.

Always incorporate your selling promise into your headline. And make that promise as specific and desirable and advantageous to the prospect as you possibly can. Good headlines explain how the reader, listener, viewer, or live sales prospect can save, gain, or accomplish something beneficial (or avoid something unpleasant, painful, costly, frustrating) through the use of your product or service. Always, always focus your headlines on the benefit or specific result your prospect will be receiving.

When crafting possible headlines for your advertisements, be sure to stop and think about the headlines that get your attention. Which headlines do you like or dislike? Chances are, your customers have the same likes and dislikes. When going through magazines and newspapers or direct mail, take a second to jot down the headlines and techniques that attract you. It's not against the law to borrow some of those same elements and themes for your own headlines.

Emphasize Risk Reversal
Chances are you already know about the importance of reversing the risk for your prospects and the profound impact it can have on your ability to attract customers and profits. It's not only important that you adopt a risk-reversal approach, but also that you trumpet it in your ads as well.

When your customers and prospects look at your ad and consider your product or service, they inevitably think about the potential risks of doing business with you. Your challenge is not only to eliminate the slightest possible perception of risk in the minds of your prospects, but also to take that risk away from your customers and place it squarely on your shoulders. I strongly believe that every ad should provide some sort of risk reversal.

Keep in mind that your risk-reversal offer has to be more than simply slapping the word "Guaranteed" on your ad. It has to be compelling, strong, believable, and, above all, legitimate. Instead of saying "Satisfaction Guaranteed," you might say what that really means: "No questions asked, 100% money-back, 90-day guarantee. If you can honestly say that our product didn't meet your expectations, we'll refund your money with no hassles." The latter statement obviously carries more weight in your prospects' minds.

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