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German Trademark Registration Procedures

German Trademark Registration Procedures

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German Trademark Registration Procedures is said that you register a trademark in German Patent and Trademark Office. Trademark registration is according to Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property and Madrid agreement for international registration of trademarks, Also Germen is a member of the world intellectual property organization.


Germany's automobile industry, electronic manufacturing technology is the first place in the world, however, Germen cars are the most popular for merchants and consumers around the world, what’s more, German car brand is always come out top in the Chinese market sales. Because  German have strong consciousness on brand protection, register trademark in German is protected by this country and also it can provide a broader strategic market to investors.


German Trademark Registration Procedures, responsible institution of German trademark

The German patent and trademark office was established in 1877, it is named as the German empire Patent Office before 1945, in 1949, the German empire Patent Office rename as Das Deutsche Patent- und Markenamt, the Headquartered in Munich, belonging to the federal department of justice. After merging East German and West German, in Oct. 3rd, 1990, The job duties of the former German democratic republic inventions and patent bureau has merge into DPA, also about 600 workers and more than 13.5 million patent literatures. On Nov.1st ,1998, DPA rename as DPMA, the main office is based in Munich, Jena      ( since Sept. 1998 ) and Berlin  ( Berlin technology information center ). So far, German has issued some laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights: patent law, utility model law, design law, trademark law, copyright law, Semiconductor Protection Act ( protect IC layout) and method of new plant varieties. DPMA is responsible for industrial property authorization and management issues.


In German, it doesn’t allow people regard trademark registration as a way to monopoly trademark, it is said that, you can register this trademark but don’t use it in 5 years, but after five years, if you haven’t used it yet, it will be cancelled. But, Patent and trademark office does not check whether the trademark is used inactively, neither cancel the trademark haven’t been used yet, only the third party to the trademark on the grounds of unused dispute to check whether or not to use, to decide whether to revoked.


German Trademark Registration Procedures , name for trademark

German trademark is consist of English, French and graphics, you can use one of them, two of them, and also three of them. Chinese is regarded as graphics in German. The name should be catchy, convenient for clients to memorize, and to give some idea of company.


German Trademark Registration Procedures , query for trademark name

German trademark divided into two kinds, one is free preliminary retrieval, one is charge for formal query for report . Usually, we suggest retrieve a report to avoid approximation, time-consuming and inefficient.


German Trademark Registration Procedures   Applicant's qualifications, according to MarkenG,, the applicant for trademark registration can be enterprises, institutions, social organizations, businesses man, or a natural person in any country or region. If you submit the application, you can’t add any products or service item, but can reduce anytime. The applicant may specify a priority category. I I If you have a domicile or a business place, In principle, you can directly apply for registration in the patent office or the patent court, if not, everyone even you have the German citizenship, you must find a patent agent or attorney to prosecute, and you have to sign a power of attorney, no need notarized.

German Trademark Registration Procedures, the required information for trademark application

Apply by legal person, attached a copy of the business license or effective build official seal; Apply by natural person, attached a copy of personal identification documents
The detail information of applicant, including Chinese and English, including your name, character, nation, address, email and phone number.
The electronic label sample, request for clear JPG file, less than 200 KB, pixels between "400 x400-400 x1500", If the logo is black and white, you only need to provide the black and white logo, but if it is color logo, you have to provide both.. if you have some problem in design Tannet intellectual property can help you, we provide logo design, trademark changes, brand planning services.
The commodity name and category (A trademark can be registered three categories )

German Trademark Registration Procedures, the process of application

Formal examination: review and have a legal check of the documents, logo, the legitimacy of the power and so on.. if it is conformity with the provisions, will give you the application date and application number.
Substantial examination: according to law shall examine whether the trademark can be registered, whether with a prior registered trademark identical or similar, whether against the use of the trademark law.For trademark without substantial examination, examiners will notify the applicant in writing, stating reason for rejection. The applicant at the date of receiving the rejection notice deadline to submit a review, otherwise, the application will be considered as a waiver, application number and the date of filing is not retained.
Trademark announcement: after examination, examiners think trademark application can be accepted, will be published in the official announcement of trademarks in Germany.Three months after the announcement of dissent.
Registration approval: If the objection was found in guilty that can be registered \ or have no objection by the announcement of trademarks will be allowed to register and issued registration certificate. The whole process of successful application (if not rejected, dissent, and so on takes about 4 to 6 months

German Trademark Registration Procedures; fee of trademark application

Generally, Overseas trade mark registration fee usually consists of three parts: office fee, law firms or agency fees, Tannet service fee RMB 800, including three categories.

German Trademark Registration Procedures; Time of trademark registration

Receipt time: about 10-15 working days
Announcement time: 3 months
Registration time: about 4 to 6 months, the fastest is 3 months to get the certificate
German trademark validity: ten years from the date of filing, if the expiry of the registration you want to continue to use it, you should do a expiry of the registration application for renewal of registration 6 months before, each renewal of registration is valid for 10 years.

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