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Documents required to set up a WFOE in Shanghai FTZ

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Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), also known as Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE), is a limited liability company, the establishment of which is governed both by the Company Law of PRC and Law of the PRC on Enterprises Operating Exclusively with Foreign Capital.

A WFOE can engage itself in approved business activities and issue tax invoices on its own. It is a corporation and a tax resident. All shareholders of WFOE should not be Chinese nationals.

Documents required for company set up in Shanghai
The applicant should complete "Form for Establishing Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise" and submit together with the following documents:
1.An application duly signed by the chairman of the board or general manager of the foreign enterprise with the following details: name of the WFOE, name of the legal Representative, scope of business, duration and address, etc;
2. Statutory documents of the parent company issued by the authorities of the country or region of origin; e.g. Constitution, Certificate of Incorporation, Business Certificate, Tax Certificate 
3.A letter, known as Bankers' Reference Letter, issued by a bank which has business relations with the applicant certifying its financial and credit standing;
4.The list of Legal Representative and her/his curriculum vitae.
5. A feasibility report

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