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Account and Tax Audition in Malaysia

China Accounting & Annual Return Service 
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It is the responsibility of the directors of the company or of the management of an enterprise to produce financial statements and to ensure that proper books of accounts and registers are maintained. This service ensures that, for a reasonable cost, clients can benefit from the proper maintenance of books of accounts and regular financial information. This is particularly useful to clients who are setting up

Our Services
The partnership is a general practice and offers a wide range of services and the core services provided are: 
1. Audit and Assurance
2. Corporate Advisory Services
3. Accounting
4. Taxation
5. Insolvency
6. Company Secretarial Services
7. Business and Management Advisory Services
8. Investigations

We provide a comprehensive range of services to clients in all areas of taxation of local and international legislation
1. Compliance
We ensure compliance with the tax laws, observing time limits for the submission of income tax returns and payment of tax liabilities. In addition we also prepare tax computations and agree the liability with the appropriate authority

2. Planning
To obtain maximum benefits through a reduction in exposure to tax liabilities, detailed planning is required. We can provide in-depth examination and analysis of your financial status and exposure to tax and advice and propose tax efficiency plans, consistent with commercial practicalities and within the tax legislation
Personal Taxation - minimize tax exposure and increase net disposable income
Business Taxation - maximize retained profits and dividends to shareholders through tax efficient planning

3. Investments
Malaysia offers extensive schemes of tax incentives to encourage industrial investment and development. Many of these incentives overlap and we can advise on which of the applicable incentives is likely to offer the best advantage in the medium and long term

4. International Tax
With the growth of international trade, commerce and investments, the exposure to international taxation and double taxation increases. We have the expertise and can advise you to maximize efficient use of double taxation agreements thereby minimizing overall tax liabilities

5. Problem Solving
Inadequate planning and non - compliance with tax legislation inevitably leads to tax problems. We assist clients in resolving such difficulties with the relevant authorities to the best possible advantage. Where complex matters of law are concerned, legal opinions may have to be sought. This can be done through our association with other professional firms and services.

6. Tax Audit Review
We assist you in conducting a review of your tax position in identifying risk areas and to prepare you for the field audit

7. Back Duty
Often as a result of the lack of planning and foresight, tax liabilities are overlooked which eventually leads to problems of non - payment of tax
We can assist and advise clients on the financial and accounting implications of back duty situations and resolve the problem to the best advantage of the clients

Tax Services
1. Application of tax and other government incentives
2. Field audit
3. Filing of income tax returns
4. Fiscal incentives
5. Indirect tax services
6. Remuneration planning
7. Tax audit
8. Tax compliance
9. Tax investigation
10. Tax planning and restructuring
11. Transfer pricing review

Contact Us
If you have further queries, don’t hesitate to contact TANNET (MY) at 603 2141-8908 or email to should require any assistance, or simply visiting Tannet’s website or , or calling Hong Kong hotline at 852-27826888 or China hotline at 86-755-82143422 or 86-755-82143181 or emailing to

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