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General Planning of Shanghai Free Trade Zone

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The preferential policies and simplified tax&custom approval of company registration in FTZ of Shanghai has brought worldwide investors to this 28 Square KM land. The approval of FTZ will mainly have influences on company registration,taxation,import&export and other legal issues.The vigorously promotion of FTZ have expedited the construction of Shanghai's global trade center,financial center and shipping center.

General Planning of Shanghai Free Trade Zone
1. Tax policies with more international competitive.
2. Foreign financial institutions open foreign capital banks.
3. Promote the innovative pattern of international trading.
4. Private capital and foreign financial institutions open joint venture banks.
5. Reforming and perfecting the area supervisor system.
6. Foreign invested enterprises can apply for <Payment Transaction License>.
7. Innovation of International Ship registration system.
8. Allow the registration of foreign invested credit Information Company.
9. International CNY and foreign exchange reformation.
10. No minimum register capital for financial leasing.
11. Free Trade Zone promote the convenience of enterprises invest abroad.
12. CNY convertible (on probation).
13. Cancel some limitations of foreign investment enterprise requirements.

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