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Transportation Network of Shanghai FTZ

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"Three Area" of Shanghai Free Trade Zone has already formed a expedite transportation network.

Shanghai FTZ: Highway
Highway: Conveniently connected the "Yangtze River Delta" trans-provincial highway system through the highway system connection of these three areas and down town area by S2, G1501 and S20.

Shanghai FTZ: Waterway
Waterway: The water "shuttle bus" container lightering system has been opened between Yang Shan Bonded Port Area and Waigaoqiao Port Area. The planned and under constructed inland water transportation system will connect the inland water transportation system of "Yangtze River Delta".

Shanghai FTZ: Railway
Railway: The Lu Chao Port Railway Container Center station has been constructed and put into service, and the annual transfer capacity can reach 1.8 million standardizing boxes. And it can extend to Waigaoqiao and Pudong airport.

Shanghai FTZ: Aviation
Aviation: Pudong international airport is 20 kilometers from Waigaoqiao bonded area,30 kilometers from Yang Shan bonded port area, and seamless connected with Pudong Airport Comprehensive Bonded Area.

Shanghai FTZ: Metro
Metro: Metro line 6 connected to Waigaoqiao Bonded Area, line 2 directly goes to Pudong Airport Comprehensive Bonded Area, and line 16 go straight to Lin Gang new city (Planned to be constructed in 2013).

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