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20 Steps of Company Registry in Shanghai FTZ

20 Steps of Company Registry in FTZ, Representative Office establishment and Chinese Company registration, WFOE setup, there are the following 20 steps of business registration after Tannet's consultant has confirmed the register address, company name, business scope, registered capital, and industry information. Since there are different requirements between different industries during the registration process, please make a specific consulting to Tannet's business consultant, so you can get better understanding of the different documents required for company establishment.
Step 1: Company name approval. Chinese and English name (Format: Shanghai+Self Choose Name+Industry Attributes+Limited Company).
Step 2: Approval of Commerce Committee. Get the Certificate of Approval and the approval documents of the People's Government.
Step 3: Pre-approval. Such as Food Circulation Certificate, Medical License, Logistic License, Road Transportation Certificates, Liquor Wholesale and Distribution License. Get related special license and the approval documents.
Step 4: Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau registration, get business licenses (Original and transcript).Start doing business. If it’s RO, there will also be Chief Representative Certificate and Representative Certificates.
Step 5: Apply for Enterprise Code Certificate and IC card. Purpose: Application of later period's personnel recruiting, bank account opening and Employment Visa.
Step 6: Get the Tax Certificate (Original and transcript).
Step 7: Foreign exchange registration (Purpose: Later period's foreign debt registration, bank loan and International payments of income and expenses).
Step 8: Bank account opening (Foreign currency settlement account, capital account, RMB basic account and tax deduction account).
Step 9: Statistic Certificate registration.
Step 10: Financial Certificate application.
Step 11: Inject register capital into capital account, issue capital verification report.
Step 12: Change business license in accordance with paid-up capital.
Step 13: Customs consignee and consignor registration, inspection and quarantine registration (Applicable for import and export company, and we recommend you to do the e-port system registration after actually had custom clearance businesses.
Following steps are tax and accounting service application phases:
Step 14: Tax type verification, basic settings of book keeping.
Step 15: Apply for general tax payer (Applicable for trading company, service company can skip this step directly).
Step 16: Get the General Tax Payer qualification, purchasing, installation, and training of anti-counterfeiting tax control invoice issuing system. Get tax control operator qualification certificate.
Step 17: Application and training of accounting electronic declaration system (Consult with financial department of Tannet.)
Step 18: Appoint tax management staff to do the tax system training.
Step 19: Tax type verification, tax officer check working office.

Step 20: Apply for invoices and step to normal operating period.

Above steps are a explanation of business registration in China, but since there's different operating pattern between different industries, these 20 steps can only be seemed as reference.

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