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Export Rebates in Shanghai FTZ

Shanghai FTZ Company Formation Service 
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Export Rebates in Shanghai free trade zone. Domestic products lading, off shoring and export from Waigaoqiao bonded area, and then manage rebates. Products entered into Yang Shan bonded area, Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistical Park and Pudong Airport Comprehensive Bonded Area are regarded as export, can manage rebates. Products shipped from other port of domestic and did transit shipment through Yang Shan Bonded Area, can also manage rebates while leave the place of departure.

Bonded Processing in Shanghai FTZ
Raw materials, parts, components, objects packaging, transit goods and products storage inside these areas which are used for enterprise export processing are all bonded. Processing products selling in domestic need to pay custom tax and import linkage VAT, enterprises with out processing are applicable for contract verification policy.

Centralized custom declaration in Shanghai FTZ
Products are going to be sold domestic from enterprises of free trade zone can manage custom declaration application processes centralization," centralized custom declaration" pattern is applicable. Water-ground, Air-ground, train-ground transportations optimized.

Quick inspection.
Examination work preposition, some of imported products can be "Pre-inspected" during the entry record collecting phase. Shorten the inspection and supervisor time and process.

Storage Time Limit.
There's no time limits for products' storage inside bonded area.

Market Access.
Foreign invested enterprises can participate in processing, international trading, bonded storage, domestic distribution, logistic, distribution, product exhibition, commercialized simple manufacture and testing, after sale and etc businesses.

Financial Support
Encourage transnational corporation "operation center" gathering, financial support dynamics increasing. 

Registered foreign capital manufacture enterprises, high technical enterprises and research enter which have been verified can get relevant policy support of the national and local government.

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