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Main Policies of Shanghai Free Trade Zone

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Policies of Shanghai Free Trade Zone: Gathered all the policy advantages of special custom supervises of bonded area, bonded port area, comprehensive bonded area, bonded logistical park and export processing area. On the custom supervises, foreign exchange management, inspection & quarantine and other managements, these area have the most complete, convenient and opened level.

The policy advantages and supervises convenience include:
1. Duty Free and Duty Delaying.
2 Incomes of Foreign invested companies from shipping, cargo transportation, storage, loading and moving, International shipping business, is business tax free.
3 Value Added Tax Rate.
4 Enterprises in the area are import linkage VAT tax free on imported oversea equipments, and VAT transformation of other areas does not apply for Free Trade Zone.
5. Foreign Exchange Management.
6 No foreign exchange verification, enterprises' foreign exchange income can be kept in total amount. According to <Foreign Exchange Management Provisions of Bonded Supervised Area, flexible and convenient foreign exchange policies are being executed.

7 Products can enter and out of China all free between Free Trade Zone and overseas, without paying custom tax and import linkage tax, without license verification part, without managing regular custom supervises procedures (Expect those products are import & export prohibited and other products with special regulations by Chinese Government).Domestic enterprises import self-using equipments, office supplies, raw material of manufacture and parts are custom tax and import linkage tax free. Put imported products on records, and domestic products tax paid before enter customs.

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