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China Tax & Accounting Services

China Tax & Accounting Service 
Hotline: 86-755-82143512,

China Tax & Accounting Service is one of Tannet's China company follow-up services. For small and medium business owners setting up a company in China or Hong Kong, finding a suitable tax advisor can be complicated. Global accounting and audit firms usually require large budgets, while, in mainland China, smaller Chinese accounting firms lack the required international background, and present as well language barrier issues.

Tannet solves this issue by providing professional tax advisory and accounting services that are affordable yet meet the requirements of our international clients.
Tannet's Tax & Accounting services include:
Pre-investment China & Hong Kong tax advisory
Tax compliance advisory
International tax advisory for China-based entities
Hong Kong Profit Returns and Audits
Transfer pricing advisory
Financial Audit for China Joint Ventures and Branch Companies
Monthly bookkeeping & tax declaration (China WFOE/RO/JV)
Annual audit & tax inspection
Capital increases

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