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Shenzhen WFOE, is a company setup in Shenzhen, 100% owned by any foreign investor, which is among the most popular corporate models for foreign investors due to their versatility and unique advantages. One of essential elements of Shenzhen WFOE is registered capital.


Shenzhen WFOE Registered Capital

Registered capital refers to the total capital contribution of the shareholders that is registered with the relevant government agency. Nowadays, part of the registered capital could be contributed after establishment. However, schedule for this shall be expressly prescribed in the articles of association and/or the joint venture contract. Relevant government authorities will make joint annual supervisions of every WFOE. One aspect of such supervision is to verify whether the registered capital has been contributed subject to the prescribed schedule.


How to decide on Registered Capital

Registered capital of Shenzhen WFOE is different from varied situations and sectors. Shenzhen has carried out preferential policies for the registered capital. There is no more limitation about the minimum registered capital. Investors can decide the amount of the registered capital according to the company’s business plan and cost. For the manufacturing enterprise, the registered capital can be RMB 1 million or more. For the trading and wholesaling, the registered capital can be around RMB500,000; for retailing, around RMB300,000; for the service sectors, such as consultancy, technology, market research and development, the registered capital can be around RMB100, 000.


Registered Capital Contribution

The capital to be subscribed in lump sum as contemplated in the Articles of Association can be paid up within 5 years from the date of the issue of Business License. The registered capital can be paid up by one time or by several times according to the company’s business plan and actual development.


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