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Shenzhen Company Registration Name

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Shenzhen company is a company registered in Shenzhen. Generally speaking, it can be classified into Chinese domestic-funded type and foreign-invested type. But no matter what type it is, the company name should be approved by the government authority and the official name should be in Chinese.


Shenzhen Company Registration Name

The company name has such restrictions: the company name and the brand name should be different from others; it needs to be approved and reserved by the relevant government authority (深圳市市场监督管理局MSA, Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen Municipality); For one with such words as city name, it should be approved by the local relevant government authority, but for one with words “中国”, then it should be approved by the national Ministry of Commerce.


Shenzhen Company Registration Name Format

The Shenzhen government has a name format for anyone who wants to setup a company in Shenzhen, the format is: Shenzhen + trade name + business scope+ limited. In China, only Chinese company names are officially used, while English names are for reference only. Any names are subject to the approval of relevant authority.


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