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Shenzhen Foreign-invested Enterprise Registration Introduction

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Shenzhen foreign-invested enterprise, can be classified into 4 types, covering Shenzhen WFOE, Shenzhen JV, Shenzhen FIPE, Shenzhen RO.


1.Shenzhen WFOE

Shenzhen WFOE stands for Shenzhen wholly foreign owned enterprise, which is a Limited liability company wholly owned by the foreign investor(s) in Shenzhen. The foreign investors refer to the foreign enterprise, individual or partner (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan).


2.Shenzhen JV

The Sino-foreign joint venture is the enterprise that foreign enterprise and other economic organizations or individuals (hereinafter referred to as “foreign joint ventures”) to establish equity joint venture together with Chinese companies, enterprise and other economic organizations (hereinafter referred to as “Chinese joint ventures”) within the territory of the People's Republic of China, on the principle of equality and subject to approval by the Chinese Government.


3.Shenzhen FIPE

Shenzhen FIPE stands for Shenzhen Foreign Invested Partnership Enterprise established by 2 or more foreign enterprises or individuals in China as well as the one established by foreign enterprise or individual and Chinese natural person, legal person or other organizations in China.


4.Shenzhen RO

Shenzhen RO, also called Shenzhen Representative Office, is an institute, representing its parent company for liaison purpose with Chinese counterparts, which is not considered to be a separate legal entity.


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